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You’re not like your competition

Some entrepreneurs are happy to just tell their customers “here’s everything you need to do, go do it” – without providing a clear path or structure for them.

And they will hear their customers say:

  • “I don’t know how I’m doing”
  • “I don’t know where I’m at in this process”
  • “I’m having trouble tracking my progress”

Translation: “I’m struggling to get results”.

But these entrepreneurs probably don’t care, because they’ve already taken their money.

You’re different.

You want to make sure your customers get maximum value from your course or coaching program.

You want to provide them with a system so they know EXACTLY where they are and how they’re doing.

And most of all: you actually care about your customers getting the results you promised them.


A world-class spreadsheet is the solution

A custom spreadsheet will:

  • Provide a custom-built companion to your course or coaching program
  • Make it easier for your customers to manage their progress
  • Set you apart from the competition
  • Maximize your customer’s results
  • Add even more value to your services

But I know what you’re thinking.

“I don’t have the time to build something like this”

That’s where I can help.

Case study: how I created a spreadsheet that an entrepreneur’s customers now love to use

I can help you build an amazing spreadsheet

Here’s why you should let me:

  • You’re already busy, and there’s not enough ROI to learn how to build more advanced spreadsheets, when it could be outsourced
  • You want to be confident that in a few weeks you will have a functional spreadsheet like you imagined it
  • You’re getting frustrated trying to build it yourself, and just want it handled by a professional

I’ve been building spreadsheets for years, and I can help you create an awesome spreadsheet whilst you avoid the “spreadsheet headaches” of trying to create your own.

I’ve done the work FOR you. I’ve created hundreds of spreadsheets throughout my career. I’ve spent hundreds of hours Googling different ways to make my spreadsheets even better, more effective and more automated. I live and breathe spreadsheets – so you don’t have to.

I try to make my clients as happy as possible. Whenever I build a spreadsheet, I have a couple of aims:

  • It should be easy to use
  • It should save you or your customers time, and automate as much as possible
  • It should provide deeper insights through automated analytics

Hear what previous clients have to say about my services…

Primoz Bozic

It felt amazing to work with Callum on designing my writing tracker spreadsheet. He was super proactive, worked extremely fast, and addressed all of my concerns instantly. He is amazing at creating automated spreadsheets and can do things I (1) have no idea how to do and (2) would take hours or days to figure out. I can only say amazing things about working with Callum and would highly recommend anyone who needs a custom spreadsheet made to work with him!

I had a writing tracker spreadsheet that the students in my online writing course used to track their writing. It worked ok, but was super clunky / time consuming to use, and there were no graphs or automated stats that would auto-update and help my students visualize their progress. I didn’t like the manual labour, and neither did my students.

I wanted to fix this but didn’t even know how to go about it, or what to google. I knew that I wanted a super-automated spreadsheet but had no idea how to make it happen.

I’m really happy with:

(1) How incredible the spreadsheet is
(2) The fact that you’re super proactive and you always follow up / get things done super fast
(3) The speed at which you develop new features

I was able to give my students a writing tracker that they’ll love and keep using to improve their writing. I received a writing tracker I had no idea would be possible to make. It also saved me a lot of time that I would spend trying to develop it by myself.

Your pro-activeness, responsiveness, follow-through, and the quality of the spreadsheet exceeded my expectations. I love that there’s never too many updates and fixes – you want to create the BEST possible spreadsheets.

You’re amazing at spreadsheets. Anyone who needs a spreadsheet made should come to you.

Sam Gavis-Hughson

Callum really knew what he was doing and took care of everything in a quick and professional way. Since he has so much experience working with spreadsheets, he was able to help me understand what was and wasn’t possible, as well as what data I should include. Then once we had defined everything, he quickly developed the spreadsheet and got everything working as discussed.

Before working with Callum, my spreadsheets just didn’t seem professional. I could get them to work well enough, but they didn’t look good and didn’t always behave properly. That made it hard for me to actually use them or for others to really see them as valuable.

I was attempting to create a tracking dashboard for my premium students, but I was having trouble capturing what I actually wanted. Callum was very fast and helpful in understanding what the dashboard should actually look like.

My students have been very happy with the spreadsheet so far and it has given them much more clarity into their progress.

If you’re not good with spreadsheets, doing this stuff takes forever and it still doesn’t work quite how you want. Working with Callum, I ended up with a better result and probably saved more than 10 hours of my own time.

What does working with me look like?

There’s a few steps on the way to you receiving your spreadsheet:

1) Initial Call

We’ll discuss the details of the project and I’ll hear what your needs are. I’ll come up with ideas, and we’ll start to see what the spreadsheet will look like and how it will function – before work has started on it.

2) Specifications and Approval

After the call, I will send a follow-up email with everything that was discussed and list all the features that will be included. If you’re happy, I’ll then start work on developing the spreadsheet.

3) Updates and Correspondence

Once I have created the initial framework of the spreadsheet, I’ll send you an update and make sure you’re happy with it – before more advanced features are added in. This is because it’s easier to make big changes at the beginning of development, before other things have been built around it. I’ll then provide another update around the half-way point, and another towards the end – so you know exactly how the spreadsheet is coming along.

Throughout the development, I may have some questions to run by you. Whether it’s a choice of preferences, or if I come across any issues.

4) Completion

I’ll make sure it’s just right according to the specifications we talked about, and you’re happy with the final spreadsheet before I raise my invoice.

5) Extra Features

Sometimes after the initial call, and throughout seeing the spreadsheet being completed – you might have some extra things you would like building in. I’m happy to do this, and will be able to provide you with a quote of how much I think the extras would cost to include.

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