You’re not like your competition…

You actually want your students to finish your online course and get incredible results.

Don’t settle for 2%

Some entrepreneurs are happy to just tell their customers “here’s everything you need to do, go do it” without providing a clear path or structure for them.

The result? 

A 2% success rate in their online course.

They might have a few success stories or star students, but if you look “under the hood” of their course, you would see most of their customers are:

  • Stuck and not making progress
  • Not even working on the course
  • Just not getting the results that they want

It seems like these entrepreneurs just don’t care about the results of their students. 

They’ve taken their money, they’ve created a course and put together information… but their students aren’t getting the results that they were promised.

You want to be different.

You want to be able to see exactly how your students are doing, so you can help them if they are stuck.

You want to make sure your customers finish your courses all the way through.

And most of all: you want to help your customers get the results you promised them.

Take a guess… what is this course’s success rate?

I worked with an entrepreneur called Primoz Bozic, and part of his business is to help his students write more efficiently and produce more content to help them grow their businesses.

He had a writing course which had weekly live calls for 90 days, where he would teach people how to write more.

As part of his course, he also had a tracking spreadsheet that helped his students input a few key pieces of information when they had a writing session.

This spreadsheet allowed Primoz to measure how successful his students were. He could see how they were doing, see when they were stuck and help his students improve.

Once the course had finished, he had the statistics and data to show that the course actually works. If he didn’t have the tracker, he would have to rely only on testimonials… but now he had the cold hard data as well.

Now let me ask you…

What do you think the success rate of his writing course is?

2%? 5%? 10%? 50%?

No… 80+%.

Here is what Primoz already had before we worked together:

Original Tracker


Daily Stats

Weekly Stats

Monthly Stats

Primoz wanted to make his spreadsheet even more valuable. His existing spreadsheet helped his students track their progress with the course, but he felt like it was too clunky and his students felt the same way.

He wanted an automated spreadsheet that was easy to use and would help his students improve their writing.

The only problem is that he didn’t know how to do this. He didn’t even know what he would need to Google if he was going to try and create it himself.

By letting me take care of it for him, he was able to save loads of time and concentrate on his business.

Take a look at what I was able to create for him:

New Tracker


Daily Stats

Weekly Stats

Monthly Stats

Document Stats


Totals Graphs

Analysis Graphs

Formatting Rules

This new and improved spreadsheet helps his students to track their writing easily, and all they need to do is input a few key bits of information during each writing session. The spreadsheet takes care of everything else, and shows them a bunch of useful stats that allows them to improve.

Primoz wanted this spreadsheet built for his students. He knew it was the right thing to do.

He wanted to make them feel like they were making progress. For them to see exactly what’s working, so they could analyse what’s going on and improve by themselves.

But he also wanted to give them a tool so they could stay successful even after the course was over.

But here’s the dirty secret…

Primoz spent hours and hours creating his original spreadsheet himself. After all of that time, it still wasn’t how he wanted it to be.

He knew he could do a lot better and create an incredible tool for his students, but as it turns out… he didn’t know how to do it. He didn’t even know what to Google.

Even though he enjoyed creating spreadsheets, there were other things in his business that he wanted to focus on instead.

He didn’t want to spend another 50 hours developing a spreadsheet because he knew that wasn’t the best use of his time. 

He still wanted an amazing tool for his students, but without actually having to do the work himself. 

He knew that there must be people out there that can do this better than him, faster than him, and able to build spreadsheets that serve his students even more. 

If you’ve tried to build something yourself in the past, you’ve probably spent hours Googling different formulas, only for the spreadsheet to not work properly in the end. If you’re a busy online entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to deal with this.

Ever felt this frustration?

You know that your students will need some kind of system to follow, but you don’t have the skill set to make it the way you would want it to be. 

It takes you so much effort to figure out how to do this stuff, and it would be much easier to get someone to help you with it. All of that time and effort can be spent on the areas you’re great at and that grow your business.

You want to provide your students with something super valuable, not a “clunky tool” that doesn’t even work properly.

You’re busy, and building spreadsheets isn’t your area of expertise. You wish you could just click your fingers and have the perfect system for your course appear.

Be different… serve the 98%

Imagine not having to worry how your students are doing, because you have the exact data that shows you.

Being able to see if anybody is struggling in your course, so you can reach out to them and check if they need any help.

You can identify patterns where your students are getting stuck, and improve your course in the future and fix any holes in it.

No more being unsure how your students are doing. No more guessing about the results that they are achieving. No more leaving any students behind and in the dark.

Your course has a success rate of 50, 70, 80, even 90%, and you’re able to see the specific areas where your students are improving.

Plus, you don’t have to rely only on customer testimonials. You can actually see the type of results your students are constantly getting. You can show that data to potential customers.

You’re able to sleep well at night, knowing that you sold something of high value which took a lot of time and effort for you to build, and you’re watching your customers getting the results they dreamed of.

Put yourself in your student’s shoes

How would you feel if this happened:

You come across a course you’re thinking of purchasing. Their free material is great and their sales page is speaking directly to you. They seem to know what they’re talking about. So you buy it.

You spend a few weeks working on the course, and all of the information is good. But there’s something not right.

You’re not getting the results that you thought you would.

You don’t know what you’re doing wrong, you’re not making much progress and you’re not even sure how far through the course you are.

And you’re thinking about reaching out to the course creator. 

You feel stuck and alone.

Or how about this…

How would you feel as a student on a premium course, and the course creator reaches out to YOU because they have noticed you might be struggling. 

You don’t wait weeks / months struggling before you build up the courage to reach out to the course creator, how surprising would it be for them to reach out to you first, because they are monitoring your progress?

That would feel like a world-class service. You would be happy to recommend the course to friends and colleagues, and be more likely to purchase their other courses. You would be a “customer for life”.

Now back to your business…

Imagine being able to provide this for your own customers in just 3 weeks, without you having to create anything.

Progress trackers are the solution

After months of spending time and effort building a course that you are proud of, are you going to leave out a piece of the puzzle that could take it from “good” to “great”?

A progress tracker is a tool for your students to use to track their data.

Your students are able to see their results, see where they’re going wrong and see where they’re making the biggest improvements.

It can help you to collect data, which you can use in your case studies, testimonials, sales pages – and increase your sales. You can also use the data to check in on any students who might be struggling.

It can help you identify holes in your program where your students get stuck, so you can fix them and create the best possible course on the market.

Ultimately, it can help you increase the success rates of your courses – just like it did with Primoz. 

Get statistics to use on your sales page and in sales emails

If your current customers are getting great results, why not display them proudly to potential customers?

If you’re looking to invest in a course, you want to be sure that it actually provides the results that it says it will.

One way to prove this to potential customers is to show the actual data from your students.

An optional service I can provide is to analyse all of your customers’ data and find the most compelling statistics that you can use on your sales page and in sales emails.

I can help you get statistics like these

You can show the total results of your course, and you could even give a monthly breakdown to show the results your students are currently achieving:

You can use these statistics to generate more sales, but you can also use them to know yourself how your course is performing and if there are any improvements you need to make.

If you want to take it one step further, I can give you a monthly breakdown of students who might be struggling. So you can reach out to them directly and provide support.

You don’t have the time to build a massive spreadsheet

I can take care of everything for you.

I will use my spreadsheet and data expertise to help you figure out what the spreadsheet should look like, what should be included and how it should all work.

I will build the spreadsheet whilst you are getting on with other things in your business. 

Here’s why you should let me:

  • You have built a course you are proud of, but want to make sure that your customers get the results that you know they can
  • You’re already busy, and there’s not enough ROI to learn how to build more advanced spreadsheets, when it could be outsourced
  • You’re getting frustrated trying to build a spreadsheet yourself, and just want it handled by a professional

I can also do some analysis in the background:

  • One-off overall analysis of all of your course data
  • Monthly analysis so you can keep track of how your course is doing
  • Monthly breakdown of students who are struggling

I will do the work FOR you. I’ve created hundreds of spreadsheets throughout my career. I’ve spent hundreds of hours Googling different ways to make my spreadsheets even better, more effective and more automated. I live and breathe spreadsheets – so you don’t have to.

How to have a custom-made spreadsheet in less than 3 weeks

1. Consultation

Book a free consultation so I can hear what your needs are, and use my spreadsheet and data expertise to figure out what the spreadsheet should look like and how it should function.

2. Custom Progress Tracker

Within a few weeks, you will have a finished spreadsheet like you imagined it. Throughout the development, I’ll make sure you’re happy with it and get your input on key decisions.

3. Course Results Statistics

I will analyse your customers data, and give you a breakdown so you can know the exact results you’re providing. Then you can use these statistics in your sales page and in sales emails.

Here’s what my clients say


Primoz Bozic

It felt amazing to work with Callum on designing my writing tracker spreadsheet. He was super proactive, worked extremely fast, and addressed all of my concerns instantly. He is amazing at creating automated spreadsheets and can do things I (1) have no idea how to do and (2) would take hours or days to figure out. I can only say amazing things about working with Callum and would highly recommend anyone who needs a custom spreadsheet made to work with him!

I had a writing tracker spreadsheet that the students in my online writing course used to track their writing. It worked ok, but was super clunky / time consuming to use, and there were no graphs or automated stats that would auto-update and help my students visualize their progress. I didn’t like the manual labour, and neither did my students.

I wanted to fix this but didn’t even know how to go about it, or what to google. I knew that I wanted a super-automated spreadsheet but had no idea how to make it happen.

I’m really happy with:

(1) How incredible the spreadsheet is
(2) The fact that you’re super proactive and you always follow up / get things done super fast
(3) The speed at which you develop new features

I was able to give my students a writing tracker that they’ll love and keep using to improve their writing. I received a writing tracker I had no idea would be possible to make. It also saved me a lot of time that I would spend trying to develop it by myself.

Your pro-activeness, responsiveness, follow-through, and the quality of the spreadsheet exceeded my expectations. I love that there’s never too many updates and fixes – you want to create the BEST possible spreadsheets.

You’re amazing at spreadsheets. Anyone who needs a spreadsheet made should come to you.


Sam Gavis-Hughson

Callum really knew what he was doing and took care of everything in a quick and professional way. Since he has so much experience working with spreadsheets, he was able to help me understand what was and wasn’t possible, as well as what data I should include. Then once we had defined everything, he quickly developed the spreadsheet and got everything working as discussed.

Before working with Callum, my spreadsheets just didn’t seem professional. I could get them to work well enough, but they didn’t look good and didn’t always behave properly. That made it hard for me to actually use them or for others to really see them as valuable.

I was attempting to create a tracking dashboard for my premium students, but I was having trouble capturing what I actually wanted. Callum was very fast and helpful in understanding what the dashboard should actually look like.

My students have been very happy with the spreadsheet so far and it has given them much more clarity into their progress.

If you’re not good with spreadsheets, doing this stuff takes forever and it still doesn’t work quite how you want. Working with Callum, I ended up with a better result and probably saved more than 10 hours of my own time.

What does working with me look like?

There’s a few steps on the way to you receiving your spreadsheet:

1) Initial Call

We’ll discuss the details of the project and I’ll hear what your needs are. I’ll come up with ideas, and we’ll start to see what the spreadsheet will look like and how it will function – before work has started on it.

2) Specifications and Approval

After the call, I will send a follow-up email with everything that was discussed and list all the features that will be included. If you’re happy, I’ll then start work on developing the spreadsheet.

3) Updates and Correspondence

Once I have created the initial framework of the spreadsheet, I’ll send you an update and make sure you’re happy with it – before more advanced features are added in. This is because it’s easier to make big changes at the beginning of development, before other things have been built around it. 

Throughout the development, I may have some questions to run by you. Whether it’s a choice of preferences, or if I come across any issues.

4) Completion

I’ll make sure it’s just right according to the specifications we talked about, and you’re happy with the final spreadsheet before I raise my invoice.

Sometimes after the initial call, and throughout seeing the spreadsheet being completed – you might have some extra things you would like building in. I’m happy to do this, and will be able to provide you with a quote of how much I think the extras would cost to include.

5) Extra Analysis

Decide on one of my analysis packages, depending on how much you want to use your data that will be available.

Let’s hop on a call and see if we’re a good fit

Initial Call

The initial call is a chance for me to hear more details about the spreadsheet, and to work out what it will look like and how it will function. I’ll hear what your specific needs and objectives are, and propose solutions to meet them.

What do you need to do before the call?

You don’t need to do loads of preparation for the call, but there is a 6 question document I will send over to you that should take about 5 minutes to complete. It will allow me to know a bit about yourself and the spreadsheet prior to our call, and gives you the opportunity to have a quick think about the spreadsheet you would like building.

Where will the call be?

The call will be through a popular video call program called Zoom, which you will need to download and make an account for prior to our call. And I will have my webcam on, but don’t feel any pressure to have yours on – if you don’t want to! 

Book a Call

Have a look at my calendar’s availability and book a time slot. I am based in the UK – so if the available date and times don’t work for you, please book any slot and let me know via email you would like to rearrange, and I will try to accommodate.

I will send you an email soon after you have booked a slot with the document to be filled in prior to our call.

If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please check your spam folder – or send me an email to the email address shown on the calendar invitation.

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