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Who Am I?

I’m Callum. I’m a bit of a spreadsheet nerd.

A good spreadsheet system can save you time, provide you with insights and help you work more effectively. It’s also quite satisfying using something that works like it’s supposed to.

Sometimes I describe myself as a “smart and lazy person”. I am looking for optimal results but with the least amount of effort and time. I like to front-load my effort and time, and build automation systems that help me. I see it as an investment.

If I can spend 10 hours now, but it saves me 2 hours each week? I think that’s a good return on my time investment. Or if a spreadsheet provides me with analytics that allows me to work more effectively – that’s an equally good investment.

Where Did It All Start?

So, how did I become a “spreadsheet nerd”?

I learned how to use Excel when I was at school, where I gained experience in how to use basic, intermediate and some advanced features of Excel. It provided me with foundational knowledge.

But there’s a difference between knowing how to use something in theory, and knowing how to use it in a real situation. There’s specific requirements and objectives, and you need to overcome obstacles using multiple features together to come up with solutions.

It was only when I began my career in various accountancy jobs that I got exposure to using Excel in a business setting. I offered improvements to systems and processes, and was given the freedom to develop better ways of doing things.

I then went into an analytics / audit role where there was a big focus on using Excel. Because I joined whilst the department was new, I was able to make large improvements and was trusted to work independently on projects.

And in my personal life, I’ve developed many spreadsheets over the years that make my life easier and help me be more effective.

Why Me?

Here’s some reasons why I’m good at building high quality spreadsheets:

  • I’ve got an eye for detail. I like to get things done right.
  • I love to improve upon systems. I’m always looking for a more efficient or more effective way to do something.
  • I enjoy building projects. It’s satisfying bringing something you imagined into reality.
  • I love helping people. Some people don’t have the same experience as me (or don’t have the time), and it’s great making their idea come to life.

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